Stop apologizing for the things you enjoy eating.

Stop apologizing for the things you enjoy wearing.

Stop apologizing for how you prefer to spend your day.

Stop apologizing for the things that make you happy.

We heart Taylor Swift even more! @taylorswift13 will debut new songs JUST FOR US @IHeartRadio Music Festival #Vegas! —(x)

People will stare. Make it worth their while → Tony Ward Haute Couture | F/W ‘12-‘13


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LGBT actually stands for
lesbian porn
Gay best friends
tneil patrick harris

On not coming out until after Spring Awakening: “I wasn’t denying it or anything. I knew I would talk about it someday, but I didn’t know how or why or when. But then I fell in love for the first time after the show, and I thought ‘Well I’d rather be out and be in love with this person than try to hide it for any job I had when I came out,’ so I just said fuck it. Being in love was more powerful than any job I’d had before. That was the impetus.”


 ”inside Karlie Kloss’ Closet” 

What’s the world’s biggest misconception of you? x